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was an excellent strategic fit for the health-care business and that is the latest on the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. liz: the impact of skinny stretching from wind and rain damage to legal issues sure to come. your neighbor's tree falls on your house. who is responsible for this? who else can tell us the inside details on this than judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. let's start with the most obvious. i have received tens of pictures, many of which include trees falling. give us the scoop on that. neil: -- judge napolitano: the owner of the property is responsible for any damage caused by the tree unless the owner is the government. the government doesn't have a degree of culpability as we private citizens do. >> it is on somebody's yard you can say is your call but it is on the sidewalk outside your home and fall -- judge napolitano: the sidewalk outside your home is a bazaar area of property. it is don't by the government but you are responsible for it. you are in front of city hall, you are in central park, yoo can sue the government. the government has writ
the market and their thoughts and we saw tremendous optimism. one of the things we did see was health-care benefits are the number-1 concern as well as salaries and compensation but tremendous optimism on fourth quarter as well as 2013. cheryl: i was looking at results of the same survey and it looked like if i was the ceo of a major corporation and we had some on fox business to told us because of the uncertainty of the cost of health to an xyz company the are reluctant to hire. do you hear them with that language to you? >> as we see they are bringing more temporaries in contractors in, they are bringing -- at the u.s. open many of those jobs their going into full-time jobs and beginning in more flexible environment, going full time. tremendous positivity from them still. cheryl: we are looking at the biggest challenges to business, obviously regulation is a big piece of that. concerns about government interference. many small-business owners tell us they need to get the government out of the way. what do you hear on that side? >> we talked about the skills gap and the government getting
friday's close. the drugmaker says the move is an excellent strategic fit for bayer's healthcare business. that's the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. cheryl: if you have been watching fox business throughout the day, you already know this news is coming thanks to charlie gasparino. the new york stock exchange has now made it official, the new york stock exchange markets will be opening tomorrow for business. here is the statement from duncan niederauer. he is the new york stock exchange euro next ceo. he says quote we are pleased to be able to return to normal trading tomorrow. cheryl: there were reports especially on twitter that turned out to be false that there were 3 feet of water on the floor of the new york stock exchange. the exchange coming quickly out last night telling fox business that was not the case. now the new york stock exchange market participants will be able to trade tomorrow. four days we have not been able to look at the value of the companies, two days suspended trading thanks to hurricane sandy. a lot of numbers are continuing
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4